Hygiene Solutions


Hygiene Solutions

Environmentally Friendly Products
Established Supplier Partnerships
Wide Product Range & Unbeatable Prices

Increasing health and hygiene standards in your bathroom delivers a more positive washroom experience for your staff and customers. 

We source and adopt leading-edge solutions that minimise the risk of bacteria and create a healthy workplace.

 Whether you are a small facility or a large-scale commercial business, Prime is your go-to cleaning company for superior bathroom cleaning.

Prime Group offers washroom solutions and packages and has become a preferred supplier for some of the highest-profile businesses in  Australia, demonstrating the appeal of the Prime Group service offering.

We source leading-edge solutions and products to minimize the risk of bacteria and create a healthy workplace.

Our highly trained technicians ensure that your restrooms are immaculately cleaned and that all of your toiletries are refilled, saving your business time and ensuring that your staff and customers don’t have any negative experiences whilst on your premises.


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